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Intensives & Workshops


4 Weeks 
Sundays 1100 - 1215 (1.15hr)


Learn basic fundamentals of backbend through safe and effective training methods. You will be able to have better control and fully utilize your mobility to do all those backbend poses! You will be taken through a progressive learning journey to reach your full capabilities!


4 Weeks 
Fridays 1900 - 2015 (1.15hr)


Learn how to do front and back walkovers like a gymnasts! Build the confidence, strength and mobility to safely execute your walkovers with ease. We will guide you through the different components of the skill to better understand the key areas and progression drills that you should be focusing on. 

"Don't let other people walk over you when you can learn to walkover yourself"


Able to do a bridge / wheel

Comfortable in inversions or handstands


3 Days
9 - 12 AM & 2 - 4 PM (5 hours a day)

$1280, Drop in 1 Day $450


This workshop will be focusing on various components. Starting from handstand alignments for both on the floor as well as on the wall, while progressing into different shapes (tuck, straddle, straight, even flag) and drills for press handstand entries. 

All exercises are aimed at improving your awareness in handstands which he believes is the most important aspect in improving your balance.

Depending on the level of the participants, he might add more or remove some drills to cater to the needs of the participants.



- Some experience in inversion and kick ups


4 Weeks
Saturdays 5 - 615 PM (1.15 hours)


Interested in learning contortion forearm stand/handstand? Are you currently stuck in your current contortion training? This workshop will bring you through a series of progressive drills and stretches to safely prepare you for your desired inversion practice.

We will focus on understanding the alignment, engagement and balance as well as different entries and shapes while identifying common mistakes found in contortion handstands.

Learn tips and tricks such as breathing and balancing awareness that would also help your straight handstands.


- Able to do a full bridge with legs & arms parallel 

- Able to hold 20s forearm/pincha or handstand

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