Monthly Unlimited

All you can eat buffet

No frills pass, you come in anytime and as many times as you want in a month


8 Class Pass

Valid for 2 months 

8 Classes in 2 months

Time to prioritise to achieve your fitness goals even if you are busy


16 Class Pass

Valid for 4 months

16 Classes in 4 months just shows that everything is all planned out



Likes the thrill of randomly appearing in classes

You're definitely welcome!

Just don't walk in on us changing our poses


First Time Trial*

Can't decide whether to join? Try out a class first!

First-timer Only. Booking is to be done on MindBody app*

Applicable for:

All Classes 


Personal Training

(1 Session)

Just want to feel good for a moment like thisssssss

Come and have a 1 for 1 session with our trainer, you are bound to get addicted and probably 1 is never enough for you


Personal Training

(10 Sessions)

Rage mode on!!! Or you just simply like it tough :)

I see that you are interested in something more "fun" and torturous. You will end up stronger than you first started if that helps.


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