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Handstand Basics

Difficulty Level: Suitable for Beginners


An Entry level class suitable for beginners to start on learning the concept, preparatory drills, alignment and awareness needed for inversions while conditioning the body for handstands. This would allow students to understand what to take note of, what should it feel like and the specific muscle engagement that is needed to execute a handstand.


Splits & Hips

Difficulty Level: Suitable for all levels

Never been able to do a Split? Or are you looking to learn proper stretching techniques to improve your legs for better performance? 

 Learn not just different stretches to target specific muscle groups but also to better understand which muscle engagements are need in stretches while identifying WHAT YOU ARE STRETCHING.


Planche & Manna

Difficulty Level: Suitable for all levels

This class provides the techniques, progression drills and conditioning you would need to improve your straight arm strength, hip compression and core strength to achieve your Planche and Manna. Learn to identify the proper alignment and muscle engagement to prevent injuries and gain control of the skills!


Rings - Pull Ups / Muscle Up

Difficulty Level: Suitable for all levels

This class includes both bar/rings muscle ups AND also pull ups. So fret not if you can't do a muscle up because we will be teaching the different methods, types, conditioning and proper technique to reach a strict pull up that would eventually lead to a muscle up.


Handstand Balancing

Difficulty Level: Suitable for all levels

This class aims to help students to understand the concept of balance and the alignments in different forms of handstands. You would also learn the minor details like fingers or shoulder placements that helps to improve balance. Not just including arm work but also learning and gain control of the entire body in order to achieve perfect balance in any handstand shape or moving into different shapes. 


Upper Body Mobility

Difficulty Level: Suitable for all levels

Tight shoulders from work or exercising, then this class is recommended for you.

Introducing an array of stretches and drills that would greatly improve your awareness, control, strength from the fingers to the muscles on your back and the chest. Learn to identify your muscles and proper forms in order to prevent injuries while improving posture and performance. 


Bent Arm Strength

Difficulty Level: Suitable for all levels

Can't do a push up? Dips? or Handstand Push ups? Then enter this class to learn proper techniques to gain strength and efficiency for you to hold in different bent arm positions. The stronger you get, the more cool tricks you would be able to do like a Planche push up or shoulder stand.


Rings - Front/Back Lever

Difficulty Level: Suitable for all levels

One of the basics under the Rings apparatus. The Front and Back Levers are skills that require both upper body and core strength in order for it to be executed. This class provides the progressions and necessary drills for you to improve and practice on your own.


Handstand Entries & Exits

Difficulty level: Suitable for all levels

Scared of falling from a handstand? Or not able to kick up into a handstand without a wall? Then this class would be suitable for you. Learn efficient methods of entering into your handstand like kicking or pressing up.

You will also learn how to bail out safely from a handstand in order to build your confidence and overcome the fear of falling to achieve your freestanding handstand.


Spine / Backbend

Difficulty Level: Suitable for all levels

Spine Mobility teaches not only bending but also learning to articulate, gain control while improving strength for the spine in any direction even in curling or side bends.

Learn to identify red flags and proper engagement through a series of stretches and drills in order to improve the longevity of the spine and  for those venturing into the world of backbend.


Gymnastic Fundamentals

Difficulty Level: Suitable for all levels

Learn the basics and fundamental training that most gymnasts go through. This class would be targeting on building basic strength and mobility, proper techniques as well as to improve your body awareness and control. We might throw in some rolls and maybe even cartwheels too!


Personal Training

Difficulty Level: Suitable for all levels

Want to achieve more and something more catered to you? Take part in our Personal Training sessions that will be customized to fit your fitness goals

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