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A place where the serious comes to play

GymGround is the only adult gymnastics studio that teaches you how to train like an athlete using gymnastic methods.

Gregory Gan, Founder and Head Coach with over 20 years of experience, provides classes to teach adults various skills such as Handstands, Splits, Planche, Muscle Up and many other exciting drills. Not only will you be able to reach your goals but also improve your strength, coordination and better awareness of your body. 

We strive to provide a safe and conducive environment to learn while not forgetting to have some fun in the (Play)GymGround

"Progressive learning through a safe and effective method that aims to challenge your body, mind and skills"

"Respecting your body and understanding your needs to achieve better results"

If you would like to know more skills/information that we have to offer, please get in touch with us right away!

About us
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Gregory Gan

Founder, Head Coach

Born into a family of gymnasts, Gregory started Gymnastic at the age of 5 and has built a solid foundation in Artistic Gymnastics. He was a former national gymnast who represented Singapore for 15 years as well as a SEA Games Medalist. Along with his gymnastics capability, he has more than 10 years of coaching experience. In his passion for the sport, he is also a certified International Brevet Judge for the Federation of International Gymnastics.  

Training Principle

"A safe and consistent progression. It is not just about training hard but also training smart and efficiently. Keeping yourself healthy for longevity is not just for the body but for your training as well."


Terry Tay

Coach, National Gymnast

SEA Games Medalist Terry Tay is the current Team Captain of the Singapore’s Mens Artistic Gymnastics (MAG) National Team, Remarkably he is the first South East Asian to have a gymnastic skill named after him on the Still Rings. 


With over 20 years of training experience, 6 years of coaching experience and a diploma in sports and wellness management, he is excited to connect with his students in helping them achieve their goals. 


Training Principle

“Functional fitness and progression is key. Training Smart with the right techniques suited to your body type, Eating Happy(with moderation!), and Pushing Forward to achieve your goals!”


Bruce Dierl
Coach, Hand Balancer

Starting from the age of 7, Bruce has been has been trained in the arts of Wushu and Muay Thai for over 14 years before venturing into Gymnastics and Hand Balancing 10 years ago.


Currently with a FIG Level 2 MAG Coaching Certification, he has more than 11 years of coaching experience with adults and also competitive boys teams.


Training Principle

“Functional fitness and progression is key. Training Smart with the right techniques suited to your body type, Eating Happy(with moderation!), and Pushing Forward to achieve your goals!”

Our Team


We'd love to hear from you




Inspired by calisthenics practitioners and gymnasts in her fitness journey since 2015, she seeks to pursue her passion and dream by inspiring others to cultivate discipline and belief in oneself. Being introduced to yoga in 2017, she continuously strives to seek a balance between the world of strength and flexibility.

She attained her YTT 200 hrs certification from NPSOY in June 2019 and Personal Trainer certification in October 2020.

Training Principle

"Excellence is lonely. Never settle."


Jaclyn Fong


Jaclyn attended her first yoga class upon her mother’s suggestion and hasn’t looked back since. What started out as a complement to the various sports she enjoyed soon evolved into a way of life and a welcome respite from everyday stressors. Jaclyn loves learning from various teachers and being active, and tries to share her bit of knowledge as best she can. 


Some courses she has attended include:


2011: 200 hours Hatha Yoga Teacher Training

2017: Movement Anatomy & Prehab Trainer Program 

2019: Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist 

2019: Kinstrech L1 Instructor certification 


Training Principle

"Learn to love the journey. Training shouldn’t feel like a chore; it should make you smile."



Soo Lim


Soo Lim started developing an interest in Yoga back in 2003 when she first started out in a commercial gym. Inspired by her teacher, she decided to embark on her yoga journey in India where she attended her yoga teacher training. One day in 2016, she was recommended to try out a gymnastic class which made her felt like 10 trucks ran over her body the next day. Ever since then, there was no turning back.


2009: 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training

2014: 100 hours Yoga Therapy Training

2017: Movement Anatomy & Prehab Trainer Program

2018: Gymnastic Bodies Certification

2019: Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist

Training Principle

“When you feel like quitting, remember why you started”

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